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The first step towards your dream wedding gown is a one-to-one appointment.

You can bring your own clippings or drawings to show your preferences. While creating the design of your dress the venue, type of ceremony, season, time of day and colour theme is also taken into consideration. We will sketch ideas until you feel we found the right design for you. Then we calculate the cost of materials and work required to achive a desired finish.

Once you are happy with the design a basic toile is created in calico which gives you an idea of how the dress will look. The toile is fitted until it looks and feels perfect. Then the work on your dress can begin.

We can source the right silk fabric and lace for you or recommend a number of our trusted suppliers. You can also supply your own materials if you wish. We can embellish your dress with beading in Swarovski crystals and pearls or add luxurious applique and feathers.

A series of dress fittings (usually 3-6 depending on the style and finish required) are needed until a couple of weeks before your wedding to ensure the dress will fit perfectly on your big day.